Check out that classy titling up there. So I’ve been trying really hard not to eat excess sugar, which leaves a bit of a hole on this blog (and also in my heart, because I have an unopened box of Panda Pocky). Let’s take a look around the rest of the internet, shall we?

That’s all for this week.


Coming soon: I review an old favorite!

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I know I said I was going to alternate the sweet stuff with the not-so-sweet stuff, but I couldn’t help myself.


These were so much better than the Pachi chocolate I reviewed previously. I’m not sure if the chocolate coating was actually of a higher quality, or if it simply works better with the caramel, but I inhaled these little suckers. Morinaga really knows their caramel.


I guess I would describe these as kind of like a Milk Dud, but much easier on the teeth. The caramel is soft and chewy, totally dreamy.  I wouldn’t call these one of my favorites, as very few chocolates make the “favorites” list, but they were great.

As you can see above, I figured out how to properly open the box, this time. I have something of a history when it comes to not being able to open Japanese candy packages.

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Pachi describes the sound that this candy makes as it dissolves in your mouth. These are marble-sized balls of pop rocks-style candy coated in chocolate.


Morinaga makes many different flavors of these choco ball candies. I’ve tried a few, but it has been years. I only really remember ever eating the peanut variety. I’m actually a little disappointed by the chocolate coating on the Pachi. It leaves quite a bit to be desired, in both flavor and texture. However, it melts away quickly enough to still enjoy the popping candy at its center. I went through half this box pretty quickly, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll finish it.

Morinaga is the company behind some of my all time favorite Japanese candies, by the way, as well as traditional caramels (and probably a thousand other things).

These were fun to try, and they were something a little bit different from what I would normally choose. I bought them from this seller on eBay for around $2.50. SAL shipping for everything I bought was $10.50, (totally reasonable) and I got my package in about two weeks.

My hope is to alternate entries featuring the sweets from this order with some of the more savory things and drinks that Timothy and I picked out a couple weeks ago. Note: staying on a healthy diet is difficult when you have a blog that reviews snack foods. I’m doing my best to find balance!

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